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Angry Birds

Rovio has just released an updated compatibility list concerning their Angry Birds game. It seems that after the latest update which brought changes to the in-game ads, a lot of devices were suffering from performance issues. Apparently the ads are running on some unoptimized coding which causes the game to lag, freeze and sometimes even reboot the phone. Rovio has recognized the problems and issued a statement addressing the problem. In addition to listing the incompatible phones, they also mentioned that they will be releasing a lightweight version of the app that is optimized to run on lower end phones. It’s interesting to note that the T-Mobile G2 is on the list of older Android phones when it’s been recently overclocked to a blazing 1.9GHz. Come on Rovio, if it’s bad coding that is hampering the gameplay, get that fixed instead of blaming issues with phone hardware. How many of you were affected by the latest Angry Bird update? Hit the break to see the full list of incompatible phones.

Droid Eris
HTC Dream
HTC Hero
HTC Magic/Sapphire/Mytouch 3G
HTC Tattoo
HTC Wildfire
Huawei Ideos/U8150
LG Ally/Aloha/VS740
LG GW620/Eve
Motorola Backflip/MB300
Motorola Cliq/Dext
Samsung Acclaim
Samsung Moment/M900
Samsung Spica/i5700
Samsung Transform
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini
T-Mobile G1
T-Mobile G2
Phones that are running Android 1.6 or custom ROMs are also not supported.

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