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xiaomi-july22The folks over at Xiaomi did roll out a teaser not too long ago, where this particular teaser would definitely do its bit to whet your appetite for what is to come – that is, to be able to enjoy a possible new generation Xiaomi Mi Band around your wrist tomorrow. The teaser did make mention in Chinese that “Good Things Happen Tomorrow,” along with the July 22nd date displayed.

So far, we do know that Xiaomi has shipped more than 6 million units of the first Mi Band device, where the lack of a display on the Mi Band certainly plays a part in it selling well, not to mention the extremely low price point of just $12 a pop. In fact, Xiaomi can be proud to say that they are the second largest shipper of wearable devices for the first quarter by sporting a 24.6% market share. Ah well, we will just have to wait until tomorrow to know more about this!

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