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meizu-trioThe power of three….well this might be the direction that Meizu is going to take if you were to study the latest teaser that was posted on Ubuntu China Weibo’s page, where the number three is definitely part of the equation, but all will be revealed on the 27th of this month. Of course, one would naturally think that Meizu might very well reveal a trio of new handsets, but who are we to think otherwise that they could just roll out something to do with the three colors as seen on the teaser image itself?

There are many roads that lead to Rome, so proverbially speaking, this could also mean otherwise other than the rather straightforward “solution” of Meizu introducing three handsets. All in all, patience would play a big role, since we as consumers do not have much to do other than sit and wait for more details to be divulged. Who knows? This might be the long awaited Ubuntu handset…

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