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blendIt looks as though BlackBerry Blend is shaping up to be released the moment the BlackBerry Passport rolls out, and this is tipped to happen some time before we usher in the month of October. However, it looks like BlackBerry Blend will be compatible with not every single tablet out there, only selected models, and their own BlackBerry PlayBook looks set to miss the compatibility cut, too.

BlackBerry targets Blend to be an indispensable tool in the enterprise environment. For instance, a user can use his or her BlackBerry Passport in order to gather information while he or she is nowhere near the vicinity of the office. Blend can then access such information on a desktop computer at the office, letting your colleague check out what you’re working on, and should the organization rely on BES10, then Blend can be used in order to access the firm’s intranet.

BlackBerry Blend has appeared in the “My World” section of BlackBerry World, although clicking on it would end up with an error message.

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