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The BlackBerry Passport has seen its fair share of rumors to date, where many do seem to point it to a September release. So far, this upcoming communications device does seem to target business-minded people, and here we are with yet another sneak peek as the BlackBerry Passport allegedy rears its face in another video.

This sneak peek of the BlackBerry Passport hails from the folks over at Carphone Warehouse, who happen to be one of the more reputable and famous online retailers over in the UK. Needless to say, there must have been some initial communications breakdown since the video got pulled down not too long after it was put up, and thankfully, there is always an eagle-eyed person out there who has the wits and quick thinking to ensure that the video is not lost forever by uploading it to YouTube.

Apparently, Carphone Warehouse did emphasize a whole lot on the innovative QWERTY keyboard, which would let you input text in a convenient manner. There is also a home-brewed digital voice assistant that was mentioned in the sneak peek video, and this particular digital voice assistant does remind us of Siri, which is accessible thanks to a dedicated button that is located on the side. No second guessing here when you’re in need of some help, I guess!

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