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mi3-soldoutNormally, a sign that shows just how successful a smartphone is depends largely on how fast that particular device sells out when released, but maintaining the sales momentum is another issue that we will not touch on today when it concerns the Xiaomi Mi3 that was revealed in India. In fact, the handset sold out all of its available units in 38 minutes and 50 seconds as it was proudly announced by Xiaomi,setting up the stage for the next batch which will hopefully be able to continue in this particular trend. In fact, registrations for the Xiaomi Mi3 hit the 100,000 figure not too long ago, but it remains to be seen just how many actual units were sold.

One does have ground to say that this could very well be some sort of publicity stunt, as Xiaomi announces that their smartphones which get sold out in under an hour is due to high demand, but the relatively limited availability also plays a huge role. Still, it is encouraging to see how a $230 smartphone is doing relatively well in the world’s second most populous country.

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