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xolo-win-1000If there is a smartphone that you might want to consider in the future, which will run on the Windows Phone platform and yet does not break the bank, might we dare suggest you take a look at the Xolo WIN Q1000? Xolo happens to be one of the first new Indian Windows Phone OEMs, and with the Xolo WIN Q1000 in the pipeline, your interest might just be piqued.

In fact, the Xolo WIN Q1000 has already seen 10,000 units imported according to importation site Zauba, where this particular device is said to boast of a larger 5” display compared to its spiritual predecessor, which would be the Xolo WIN Q900 that carried a 4.7” display. Other than that, it will feature a Dual SIM slot, strongly suggesting that the rest of the hardware specifications would have been upgraded to be different from the standard issue Windows Phone handsets from different OEMs.

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