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apple-lens-usptoCould Apple be moving in the same direction as that of DSLR cameras and system cameras, where one is able to change the lens to maximize the photography opportunities in a particular situation? The answer might lean more towards the affirmative than anywhere else, especially when you take into consideration that Apple has been granted a new patent which describes a method to attach lenses to the iPhone using a bayonet mount.

This particular patent was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office today, where it has been simply called “Bayonet attachment mechanisms”, where it describes a method of making use of a bayonet mount on your mobile device, enabling interchangeable camera lenses to be attached to it.

Such bayonet mounts tend to be used in cameras as well as other consumer products, where you push and twist one part into another so that they end up locked and secure, ensuring that the add-on part will not suddenly fall out due to tardiness. To unlock, it is equally simple – twist one part in the opposite direction, and you’re good to go. What next, iLenses? It would be interesting to see which optical company that Apple would work with if they want to bring this patent to a whole new level.

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