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ms-smartwatch-patentDecent questions do deserve its fair share of answers, and when it comes to the potential smartwatch craze that the likes of Samsung have jumped aboard, including whispers of Apple churning out an iWatch in the near future, it might be galling for the folks over at Microsoft to just sit back and do nothing about the situation. On the contrary, Microsoft did show off a patent last week that was meant for a smartwatch-like device, where it sports a body that can be removed from a wrist band before it is attached to a belt.

The body itself will feature a touchscreen display as well as a dock that enables one to connect it to a charger, with the option to synchronize it to a PC or laptop, too. In another patent that was discovered today, it points to what looks like the above mentioned electronic wrist band, considering how it shares an uncanny likeness to the one in the previously mentioned patent.

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