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back-barThe Pentagon has a spanking new management system which will kick off this January 31st, where this particular initiative has been specially designed so that their staff will lower their dependence on tethered workstations, and will focus more on the use of mobile devices instead. The whole idea behind this revamp would require a $16 million plan to kick into action, ensuring that up to 300,000 military users do not end up leaking military data as well as corrupt military networks while they are on the move. BlackBerry has stepped up to the plate for this task, which we can read about it more right after the jump.

The new system is said to go online at the end of January, where up to a whopping 80,000 BlackBerry devices as well as 1,800 iOS and Android phones will be activated. There will also be other devices thrown into the fray by the Pentagon, and these will include third and fourth generation Apple iPads, the Apple iPhone 4s and Apple iPhone 5, Samsung’s 10.1” tablets, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Motorola DROID RAZR smartphone. It remains to be seem which model from BlackBerry will be used by the Pentagon. Still, this will not save BlackBerry from their current decline on a global scale.

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