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att-lumia1020Fancy picking up the Nokia Lumia 1020 from the folks over at AT&T? If you have answered in the affirmative, you would be pleased to hear that said smartphone is already available for an online purchase via AT&T’s website. Having said that, the pre-order of the Lumia 1020 sold out pretty quickly, although we do not know whether that is attributed to super high sales figures, or is it because of limited stock. No matter, the new Lumia 1020 can be yours for $299.99 a pop on contract, where it will arrive in black, white, or yellow shades, with a hint that there might be a red model down the road, too.

At that price point, it would make the Nokia Lumia 1020 to be on par with the iPhone 5 32GB where pricing is concerned under AT&T’s banner, where it is the second most expensive smartphone from AT&T at the moment. [Product Page]

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