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asus-memopad-10When it comes to mobile devices, Asus has a far stronger reputation with their tablets rather than smartphones. After all, who could argue with the recently released Nexus 7 2 tablet that was made specially for Google, especially when you consider how well built its predecessor, the Nexus 7 was? Well, Asus did dip their toes into the smartphone market in the past, including the PadFone that came in an interesting form factor – sporting a larger tablet which you could dock the smartphone into, in addition to the FonePad, which was a far smaller tablet that could handle voice calls and messaging.

AllThingsD interviewed Asus Chairman Jonney Shih, where the latter shared that Asus intends to roll out their first smartphone in the US market sometime next year. The reason why Asus has stayed out of the US smartphone market all this while is because it has been a pretty difficult egg to crack, so to speak, due to the dominance of different companies across multiple levels. Here’s to Asus’ success in the US smartphone market next year!

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