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lumia920The new Nokia Lumia 920 over at AT&T recently received a spanking new firmware update that saw the version get bumped up to 1308, and just as most folks would have expected, this latest firmware update should by right, come with its fair share of system and performance improvements. On the contrary, things do not look rosy at all for those who have performed the firmware upgrade, at least from what we gather from a forum thread over at Reddit. There is a fair number of AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 owners who shared a similar complaint – they had issues maintaining a connection to AT&T’s network, regardless of whether data connectivity is turned on or off, and all of this happens even when the handset is stationary.

We sure hope that Nokia is sensitive to this particular issue, and hope that they will be able to issue a fix in the immediate future. Sure sucks to go through the Easter weekend with a non-working cellular connection, no?

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