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sprint_logoSo, the new BlackBerry Q10 has just been announced earlier this morning to much fanfare and excitement. The thing is, will the new operating system from BlackBerry (yes, they have changed their name from RIM officially already) be able to duke it out in the new age of touchscreen mobile devices? Perhaps, and it is nice to see some carriers already step forward to throw their support behind the new BlackBerry 10 system. We have official word from Sprint that they will be offering the new BlackBerry Q10 in due time, although other details such as pricing and availability remain to be ironed out. At least we know that it has been confirmed on this mobile carrier, so if your contract is about to expire soon, perhaps the BlackBerry Q10 could be a viable alternative?

Sprint claims that the BlackBerry Q10 will take full advantage of the “Truly Unlimited” 4G LTE offer from the carrier, offering data, text and calling to any mobile without the need for any metering, throttling, and overages. [Press Release]

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