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xperia-z-fccYet another smartphone that is about to reach our shores has gone through the paces at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and we are referring to the Sony Xperia Z. Well, the Sony Xperia Z’s certification process has revealed a bunch of teardown photos in addition to its start-up guide that ought to make interesting pickings for those who are interested. The model that was sent for FCC testing was the C6602 HSPA+, instead of the LTE-enabled LTE C6603 model.

So far, we have managed to garner from the photos that the Sony Xperia Z will make use of a linear oscillating vibrator for all of its vibration capability instead of the more harsh rotational vibrator. One should also take note that the battery does not look as though it is the easiest thing in the world to remove and replace.

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