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Right now, we do know that there are variants for the Nokia Lumia 820, where the (still speculated and rumored) Verizon 822 is tipped for a release soon, while T-Mobile is bold enough to step forward and claim that their Nokia Lumia 810 will soon be ready to rock and roll. The sad thing is, the flagship device from Nokia at the moment, the Lumia 920, does not seem to come in other variants to suit other mobile carriers, but all of that could change in due time. It seems that some folks were trading tweets with one another, and it could be a typo or it could actually be the real deal thanks to loose lips, but Viipottaja and Peter_L discussed over Twitter, saying, “Finally got. Hands on lumia 9XX for verizon,can you guess it???what phone is that??? Hint wp8 of course” with a different tweet afterwards which read, “Another hint: wireless charging and thinner lighter better #SwitchToLumia”.

How would you want to read into these? Could it really signal the imminent arrival of the Nokia Lumia 9XX on Verizon Wireless? If that is the case, then can we call it the Lumia 922? What is your take on all these rumors?

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