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Right now, we do know that there will be at least two mobile carriers in the US offering the recently introduced Nokia Lumia 820 – and it would be T-Mobile and AT&T, where the former has just acknowledged that they will be putting on offer the Lumia 810 (as a variant of the 820, of course), and here is another leaked image which could very well ring true, although it will still take some time to confirm whether that is the case or not. I am referring to the Nokia Lumia 822 which should, in all probability, arrive on yet another of the Big Four carriers in the US – Verizon Wireless.

Needless to say, everything about the Nokia Lumia 822 should remain the same as the stock version of the Lumia 820, although there is that tell-tale stamp located right smack on the 822’s butt which could signify that this particular device intends to be fully compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE network – although we would not have expected any less, either. As with all other good rumors, only time will be able to tell whether they pan out to be true or otherwise.

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