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You know that for the longest time, the smartphone maket was fragmented into two major operating systems – iOS from Apple, and Google’s Android. As for Symbian, that has long been a fading force, while Windows did not really take off until Microsoft and Nokia worked together, and the new range of Lumia smartphones from Nokia certainly helped change such perception. Having said that, one can say that the Windows Phone operating system can be considered to be one of the big boys now, especially when the Windows Phone Marketplace has just gone beyond the 100,000 application submission milestone – hence joining the elite club which currently comprises of Android and iOS.

It took 20 months for Windows Phone to arrive at this figure, which is 4 months faster than Android, and 4 months slower than iOS. So far, with more than 100,000 submitted apps, 88,371 are already available for download across five dozen countries.

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