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While many people think that the cameras available on phones are still behind the technology used on the point-and-snap standalone cameras of today, HTC thinks that the 16MP camera on its Titan II Windows Phone device is getting there quicker than any other Windows Phone device in the market right now. The probable reason as to why the company states it like that is because Nokia which has the 41MP camera on the PureView 808 might have something to say.

Of course, we can’t be expecting unbiased views on products from the manufacturers themselves. HTC Vice President Bjorn Killburn said, “it’s (Titan II has) by far the best camera available on a Windows Phone.” The reason as to why HTC believes that is because of a custom image signal processor that is apparently “vastly superior to other phones” that allegedly offers better image processing through the use of what HTC calls the best chipset and sensors available today. Have you tried the 16MP camera on the HTC Titan II yet? Let us know with a comment below.

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