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The tablet market does look to shape up to be an extremely lucrative one, and here we are with whispers that the Taiwanese company, Asus, is currently working on introducing the next generation Transformer tablet at Computex that is happening in the days ahead. Why Transformer in the first place? No, you will not get secret Decepticons or Autobots transforming right in front of your eyes at night when they think that no one is looking, but rather, the Android-powered tablets were so named because of the optional keyboard docking station which enables one to turn the tablet into a notebook of sorts.

Asus did post up a video that promises the crowd a good time, where one is able to view the “next transformations” this coming May 31st, which is just a few days before Computex begins. Word has it that a teaser is in the pipeline then, so it could very well be just a countdown to…you’ve guessed it right, another countdown. Details are still extremely scarce, and no leaks have happened just yet. Will someone with a decent smartphone camera go out and capture something already for our viewing?

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