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Verizon Wireless has not had much to do with Microsoft’s mobile OS Windows Phone thus far. But if the carrier’s Chief Financial Officer, Fran Shammo is to be believed, that is all going to be changing soon. At an investor conference call today, Shammo said that the carrier will be actively working with Microsoft for the relatively unknown upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS; otherwise known as Apollo. He believes that unlike Mango, Apollo would prove to be a differentiating factor which spawns the interest Verizon now has in it.

The fact that Verizon only carries one relatively old Windows Phone in its repertoire, the HTC Trophy, has led people to believe that the platform will not be strong enough competitors to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android that currently dominate the market share digits. However, Shammo believes that Windows 8 should do the trick and the carrier is planning to have Windows Phone 8 smartphones up and about for holiday season sales later this year.

To reiterate the support for the upcoming mobile OS, Shammo even mentioned that Verizon could do what it did for Android when it gave the original Motorola DROID a massive push in 2009 which apparently put Android in the spotlight. If what Shammo says does come to fruition, the safe money is on the fact that Windows Phone OS which has been closely linked with AT&T as of late will also be joining the ranks of Verizon Wireless in the near future.

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