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Most of the LTE or Sprint news we have been dealing with lately has been about the Galaxy Nexus or the LG Viper. Be that as it may, there are a few that are worried about what will happen to Sprint’s unlimited plan after the arrival of LTE to its network. It seems that the carrier has confirmed that the unlimited data plan will not be affected by the offering of LTE. This news truly is exciting and is definitely what many needed to quell their fears.

This is good news for people who happen to live in one of the markets where Sprint will first launch LTE at least. Just like when the iPhone was first launched by the carrier, people tend to worry what will become of the unlimited plan. Thus far it seems that Sprint has carried on without letting the important plan get changes and it looks like they have done it again. Of course if the carrier has somehow underestimated LTE data consumption, it would probably be forced into implementing several changes but for now, it seems like the move to maintain unlimited data plans has seen their endeavors off to a good start.

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