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With Samsung and Apple taking to the labs to create their own processors that can be used for devices by the company, it seems that Taiwanese Mobile Manufacturer HTC is looking to follow suit. Apparently HTC has signed a “memorandum of cooperation” with ST-Ericsson to join forces and develop a chip that can be used for low-end smartphones touted for release in 2013. For now, HTC depends heavily on chip manufacturers such as Nvidia and Qualcomm but with this deal allegedly in place, the company can effectively reduce its reliance on the companies.

Recently, HTC which has seen their sales decline by more than 60% over the last 5 months have started to implement small but significant changes to their modus operandi like removing the Beats by Dre earphones from their devices and even more recently, the company announced that they were finished with QWERTY physical keyboards and have moved closer to full touchscreen user interfaces without a clunky keyboard QWERTY or otherwise in the way.

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