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The HTC One S is best known for its styling features but in just a short time after its launch, several users have reported that the top side with the sharp bit is starting to chip away. The smartphone which has undergone a micro arc oxidation process to come up with the famous finish of the new HTC device seems to have its flaws for some users.

HTC claim that by performing the process on the device’s unibody, it is made super strong and covered with a ceramic type layer. It is that layer that seems to be falling off. All the users who have complained about this happening have neither dropped nor mistreated their devices but it is definitely a bummer when you purchase a device that you had an eye on because of its design and it fails you in precisely that aspect.

Some have speculated that the sharp edge at the top of the device is to be blamed since that is the only place where the chipping seems to occur while others feel that the coating itself is flawed. But for a definite reason, it looks like we will have to wait for HTC itself to come out and speak on the subject. If you have noticed similar things happening on your HTC One S, do let us know about it with a comment below.

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