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Like we had mentioned before, AT&T were late to the Android game but that did not stop the carrier from being the first to offer up an official Android 4.0 update to the. HTC Vivid device. The update was released not too long ago, and according to reports, it seems that the update has resulted in an increase in performance by 66%. In a way we guess this was to be expected since the Ice Cream Sandwich update would be squeezing every last juice out of the device’s dual cores, and in a way also goes to show how an upgrade to Android 4.0 could give an otherwise older device a new lease on life. HTC Vivid owners out there, is the experience with your phone notably different post update (in a positive way)? Let us know in the comments below! In the mean time, head on down to the source link below to see the various benchmarks conducted on the HTC Vivid pre and post update.

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