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Nearly a year ago, Sprint and Google voice signed and sealed a deal where Sprint would become the first carrier to seamlessly integrate the Google service into its own. Now however, reports have mentioned that Google are out to extend their service to other carriers as well. Vincent Paquet, Group Product Manager for Google Voice told CNET in an interview that they are having discussions with other carriers about the issue but declined to mention which carriers he was referring to.

Google Voice gives users access to visual voicemail that you can read on the phone or online and cheaper international calls among other perks. Although anyone can port their phone number to a Google Voice account, Sprint’s deal does not include the $20 porting charge and is easier to set up online. Moreover, it lets you unlink the Sprint phone if you already have an account.

The possibility of other carriers joining Sprint in bringing Google Voice into the mainstream would mean good tidings for Google by making its products even more indispensable especially where Android devices are concerned but might generate a few hurdles for Sprint which will need to find a new trick to differentiate itself from the other again.

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