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We know that Sprint has plans to enter the 4G LTE market, and doing so would make them the third carrier among the four majors to feature 4G LTE connectivity. Unfortunately if you were planning on getting your hands on some of Sprint’s future 4G LTE compatible gadgets, the bad news is that according to Sprint’s CFO, the carrier’s first batch of LTE capable devices will not arrive until mid 2012 at the very earliest.

Given how Verizon has spent pretty much all of this year rolling out as much coverage as they can, and with AT&T entering the fray not too long ago, Sprint will be pretty darn far behind the competition. However if you’re a loyal Sprint subscriber and you believe that the carrier will prevail with their LTE efforts, the good news is that Sprint has plans to unveil at least 15 LTE capable devices next year, so you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

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