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So we know that Sprint has plans to launch a 4G LTE service of their own come 2012. As it has been reported earlier, it seems that Sprint’s 4G LTE capable devices will only be making an appearance in the second half of 2012, but now it looks like the network itself could be seeing a possible delay as well.

LightSquared, Sprint’s future 4G LTE provider, appears to have run into a bump on the road. According to government testing, their 4G LTE network appears to interfere with a large number of military and personal GPS devices, which obviously is a big no-no. This is despite LightSquared’s efforts at using frequencies for their 4G LTE network as far away from GPS signals.

Could this little hiccup cause a delay at Sprint’s plans to roll out a 4G LTE network next year, or could this all be solved with a simple fix and keep things on track?

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