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The next version of Windows Phone has been rumored to be called Tango. It’s supposed to be designed for lower-end Windows Phone-based smartphones, and recently a chassis leak has suggested could possibly corroborate with the Tango rumors.

Based on the specs of the chassis, it looks like it will support most features on current Windows Phone devices, such as a minimum 4 point multitouch display, A-GPS, accelerometer, compass and proximity sensors along with a camera with a minimum of 3MP. The main difference here is that instead of the standard minimum of 8GB worth of internal storage, this new chassis suggests a minimum of 2GB instead, which could suggest a lower-end device.

Unfortunately as to what sort of processor this chassis will support remains unknown, although some are speculating that perhaps it might go for the Qualcomm MSM7227 which would make the device perfect at targeting the lower-end market.

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