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While there are people out there who would love nothing more than to get their hands a smartphone, but sometimes given the nature of their job (rough, physical, outdoors with harsh weather conditions), a smartphone might probably not last long in that environment, which is sometimes these people might have to resort to a rugged phone instead.

Well Gresso has introduced a new “super” rugged phone called the Gresso Extreme X3 which the company is claiming will be able to withstand the pressure of a 1 tonne weight, drops from 7m in height and can withstand temperatures between -50C to +60C. In fact it’s so tough that it has been awarded the International IP67 certificate, meaning that not only will it do what Gresso has advertised, it is also dustproof and waterproof anywhere between 15cm and 1m.

It will be available next month for $270, but apart from its ruggedness we don’t think you should be expecting much else from the device, but if your job requires a phone of this type of build then perhaps the Gresso Extreme X3 might be just what you need.

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