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Smartphone platforms not withstanding, there’s the issue about the hardware specs of the phone to consider. For example some phones may feature a faster processor but have poorer camera sensors, and for those who really enjoy taking photos with their phone might not be willing to give up a better camera for a faster processor.

Well there’s now a new website called Geekaphone that allows you to enter various features you want from a smartphone. After you enter those features, the website will then attempt to list the phones that feature the specifications you mentioned. Naturally it will not be able to match everything you specified, but it will do its best! So for example if you were interested in 4G and could care less about the camera or the display, you could specify that as well.

Seems like a great tool for use when you’re thinking about making your first/next smartphone purchase, or even for those times when you’re helping out your not-so-tech-savvy parents choose a smartphone.

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