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With Apple, Google and Amazon starting up (or have already launched) their cloud systems, it looks like RIM wants in on the action too. A recent rumor has it that RIM is thinking about launching a music system of their own, which will work as a subscription service, as well as featuring a P2P app that is supposed to be based around BBM.

Not much is known about what RIM has planned, but it is said that in terms of P2P, users will be able to share songs and playlists with your BBM contacts, although we’re guessing that this is open to all sorts of IP lawsuits, so this is something RIM will need to sort out with the record labels and publishers.

For the subscription service, it’s not known if it will be a streaming service or a download service, but word has it that RIM will charge users $5 a month for access to it. We’re not sure what RIM is hoping to achieve with their new music system, perhaps they’re trying to convince current owners of Blackberry devices to stay, and at the same time also attract future customers.


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