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If you have yet to get the HP TouchPad, perhaps you may want to hold on just a little longer, because if these leaked confidential HP briefs are to be believed, it looks like HP has a couple more products lined up, so if you had plans to get the TouchPad, or are holding out for something else, perhaps you should take a look at this before making your decision.

So it has only been a couple of days since HP’s TouchPad has been released, but come August there apparently will be a newer version of the HP TouchPad that not only gets a new coat of paint in glossy white, but also a speed increase and bump up in storage capacity. The white TouchPad is said to come with 64GB of memory and some have speculated the speed increase will be due to the 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that are said to be featured in the white TouchPad. We’re not sure how current TouchPad owners will feel, knowing that a little over a month later they could have gotten themselves a tablet that is not only faster, but also has a bigger storage capacity.

Next up, the AT&T cellular version of the TouchPad is due in August, and it looks like it will be branded as 4G which will most likely run on AT&T’s HSPA+ network. Other than the change in radio bands, it will retain the same specs as the current TouchPad. Other products in the roadmap are the Pre3 and Opal which should be seeing a release in fall. Not much details regarding the Opal, other than the fact that it will be 7-inches and will run on HP’s webOS platform.

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