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Regular readers of our site probably have come across our reports of Android malware hitting the app market through third party websites and fake applications. At one point it felt as though there was new malware being released every week, and as scary as that may seem, a study by Symantec has revealed that in terms of protection from “drive-by” malware applications, Android and Apple devices are more secure than a Windows PC.

Apple of course still leads the way due to their rigorous screening of apps before it is put in their Appstore, unlike Android who boasts of an open source system and looser app certification process, which has led to the creation of malware. This is not to say that Apple is completely invulnerable, but compared to Android, malware creators will have a harder time getting past Apple than they will with Android.

We’re not sure how accurate these findings are, after all Windows has been around a lot longer than Android and Apple, which has given malware developers decades to figure out new ways around various security implementations, but for now if you’re hoping to give someone a device without them having to worry about malware and viruses, Android and Apple devices may prove to be less of a headache than a PC.

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