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Bloatware is an annoying feature and unfortunately for most, a lot of phones that are tied to carriers come with unnecessary apps and features that hog the phone’s memory and brings about a bad user experience. Perhaps it’s not that extreme although we’re guessing that the less bloatware installed, a better performance can be achieved. This is also one of the reasons devices are rooted and which is why many users are pushing for unlocked bootloaders on their devices, one of the reasons being to remove said bloatware.

Well judging from the photo above it looks like Sprint has heard the cries of the community and if that photo above is to be believed, then Sprint users who own the HTC EVO 3D will now be able to uninstall the bloatware that comes along with their devices. All the user will have to do is go to the settings, drop it into their applications list and delete the apps as they would normally do.

We’re not sure if this is just a happy accident or a feature that Sprint will start to offer to their future phones, but either way we’re guessing that Sprint EVO 3D users will be pleased by this.

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