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So there have been rumors that Verizon was in the process of approving the Gingerbread update for their Motorola Droid X device and now word has it that it has become official and Droid X users will be able to receive the update as early as May 13th OTA. Alternatively you may proceed to check Verizon’s support page to check for updates or you can check for yourself on the device by going to the main menu, Tap Menu> Tap Settings> Tap About phone> Tap System update> Tap Download.

Granted there are probably a plenty of Android users out there who have rooted their Droid X devices already and have installed the Gingerbread OS but for those out there who are clueless with regards to rooting or who can’t be bothered to go through all the trouble will be glad to know that if the rumors prove to be true, you will be able to update your Droid X to Android’s Gingerbread OS this coming Friday.

The update will include features such as different user interface tweaks, one touch copy and paste, improved battery life and Voice Over IP. It will also bring a new media format support as well as multiple camera access. As with all updates you should probably back up important information such as contacts, and photos before proceeding with the update.

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