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Windows Phone 7 logoDespite Windows Phone 7 Samsung devices still having issues with the NoDo update, Microsoft has decided to continue pushing out updates for their other WP7 devices. Starting today, as some of you would have already noticed, Microsoft has started issuing notifications to WP7 users informing them of a new update. The update, labeled 7932, fixes the issue of fraudulent third-party digital certificates from Comodo.

No word on what other fixes the update brings, but if you’ve received the notification, just plug your phone into your computer and run Zune to update it. Of course, make sure you backup your files just in case anything goes wrong. After all you can’t be too careful.

Microsoft has also mentioned that their updates are cumulative, so if you’ve missed out on the NoDo update or any other fixes before that, this update should bring you up to speed.

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