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blackberry-playbook-release-date-and-pricing confirmed

The iOS based Apple iPad 2 is yet to face a real challenger or for that matter even the iPad (first generation) and now people are pinning hopes on the Blackberry Playbook to pose a threat. The Playbook is looking to compete on a serious note with RIM pricing the device at $499 which is also the exact cost of the 9.7-inch iPad 2. Not to forget though, that the Blackberry Playbook comes with a 7-inch display. Also, there is no 3G variant of this device-which implies that you would be required to tether to this device at places where there are no hotspots available. With RIM confirming the pricing what you also need to know is the release date.

The April arrival rumors were indeed based on some reliable information; it will be April 19 when the RIM tablet begins competing with the iPad 2. Apple’s tablet(s) sure appears the stronger contender but Playbook could do well with the ability to run Flash based videos. Apple’s iPad 2 can boast of its amazing battery, but contrary to claims, even the Playbook has well juiced up batteries.

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