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AT&T Mobile HotspotAT&T has announced that they will be launching a mobile hotspot app to bring easy WiFi sharing to all their customers. Previously there was no easy way for smartphone users (besides those with iPhones) to share their internet connection, seeing how most of AT&T’s Android phones were stuck on 2.1 (which doesn’t offer native WiFi sharing). But on February 13, AT&T will be releasing an app to enable users to easily turn their phones into a mobile hotspot. The app will cost $20 a month and will come with an additional 2GB of data that will be added on to existing data plans. The Mobile Hotspot app can only be used by AT&T users who are on the Data Pro Plan ($25/month with 2GB data) so that makes a total of $45/month for an smartphone with data and hotspot capabilities. The app will be launched in conjunction with the rollout of their 4G network and first 4G phone, the HTC Inspire 4G. Will you be interested in paying for the Mobile Hotspot app when it launches?

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