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HTC Inspire 4G

The folks over at The Droid Guy have just released a post and video documenting the unboxing of the phone and according to their first impressions – the device looks and feels great and it runs very smoothly thanks to its 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 768MB of RAM. If you’re a fan of the Desire HD form factor, it seems like you’ll like this 4G phone that runs on AT&T’s HSPA+ network. The phone also packs an 8 megapixel camera with support for 720p HD video recording and it comes with an 8GB microSD card preloaded (expandable up to 32GB). Android 2.2 on the phone might be a letdown for some people, but hopefully HTC releases 2.3 soon. Head here to check out the complete unboxing post and video of the HTC Inspire 4G.

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