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HTC Desire US Cellular gets Froyo

If there’s one thing that HTC has gotten right, it’s the delivery of their Android updates. While Sony Ericsson owners are still on 1.6 and never going past 2.1, Samsung Galaxy S owners are still stranded with 2.1, HTC has been making sure that nobody is left behind. US Cellular’s HTC Desire has just been issued an update to Froyo (Android 2.2). The software update is 2.11.573.5 and comes with the standard Android 2.2 features as well as some changes to HTC Sense. Unfortunately it won’t be the latest version of HTC Sense with the speedy boot up, but users now have a built-in flashlight app as well as access to a number of new functions. The update can be obtained for all HTC Desire phones on US Cellular (unless you’ve rooted and installed a custom ROM on your phone, you might want to check with the ROM developers instead). But for those of you who are using unmodded phones, head here for the update.

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