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TeleNav 6.2

If you’re using an Android phone on AT&T, chances are you rely on TeleNav to get you to places you where you want to be. The good news for you is that TeleNav recently updated their app with a host of new improvements that make the app a whole lot more useful. The main features of TeleNav 6.2 are:

Quick Search: a menu-less search that makes local searching faster. It resembles a web search engine, rather than a GPS search and it functions even faster than before. You can even use Speech Recognition to search now, in the event your hands are too busy to use the phone.

Multiple Routes Suggestion: TeleNav 6.2 will now propose more than one route to reach your destination. If you want to avoid driving an ex’s house to get to town, TeleNav should be able to provide you with an alternative route.

22 million points of interests : Stuck at home with nothing to do? TeleNav now comes with 22 million different POIs for you to check out for those days when you have some visitors and you want to take them sightseeing.

TeleNav 6.2 is available now on the Android Market for AT&T Android phones – Samsung Captivate, HTC Aria, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, and Motorola BACKFLIP – that are running on Android 2.1 or higher. TeleNav also mentioned that other carriers and phones should be getting the upgrade soon. Head here for more info.

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