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Verizon and AT&T in T-Mobile's ad

Verizon hasn’t even started selling the iPhone 4 yet, but it looks like T-Mobile already has them in their sights. In their latest T-Mobile MyTouch 4G advert, it makes fun of the fact that the iPhone 4 has a choice to be on a slow 3G network or a slow 3G network. Funny stuff, now let’s see if Verizon and AT&T will team up against T-Mobile. In other news, it has also been reported that T-Mobile has a keen interest in obtaining the iPhone 4 on their network as well. I doubt Apple is going to give it to them if they keep making fun of it though. And if the iPhone does reach T-Mobile’s network, what if it turns out to be 3G-only? Oh, the irony. Check out the advert after the break:

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