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Google Nexus S

Great news for Android lovers looking to get the Nexus S but wanted to stay on AT&T – the phone might just be headed your way. A new Bluetooth SIG product list has a phone with the model number GT I9020A. Sounds familiar? You bet, because it is almost the same model number as the current Nexus S – GT I0920T. It has been speculated that the T at the end of the name signifies the T in T-mobile, and if that is the case, the A could mean AT&T. Well, what’s the big deal you ask – couldn’t the phone already work on AT&T’s network since it was sold unlocked? You’re right – it can, but it could only transfer data at EDGE speeds on AT&T’s network – it didn’t have the radios to utilize their 3G connection. With reports of the Nexus S heading up north to Canada’s Mobilicity (a carrier that uses the same 3G bands as AT&T), and the Bluetooth SIG entry, the GT I9020A could really be the AT&T Nexus S. After all AT&T have lost the iPhone exclusivity and are aggressively ramping up on good Android phones – why not the Nexus S?

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