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T-Mobile storeFans of T-Mobile are going to be excited by this piece of news- T-Mobile has been reported to be releasing as many as two dozen data devices next year. So if you’re thinking of getting 4G service from one of the major carriers, at least one of the many devices are bound to interest you. The data devices should be a healthy mix of USB modems, MiFi hotspots, laptops and of course tablets. With 2011 being known as “the year of the tablet” and T-Mobile HSPA+ network classified as a 4G, we’re definitely going to see some 4G tablets being rolled out for their network. With the Dell Streak 7 already pictured heading for T-Mobile, and rumors about an LG tablet as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab making a HSPA+ comeback, it looks like T-Mobile are banking on their stable 4G network that’s been around for awhile. What’s more interesting are the phones though. We still haven’t heard of any new 4G phones headed their way, but we’re pretty sure that there will be some en route to Magenta next year.

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