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t-mobile1Are you one who is willing to jump aboard the T-Mobile bandwagon when it comes to changing to a mobile carrier of your choice? It seems that T-Mobile Un-carrier 7 will be announced some time later this summer, at least according to a tweet by T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

It is interesting to note that it has been slightly less than a couple of months ever since T-Mobile revealed its Un-carrier 5 and Un-carrier 6 options, where Legere tweeted, a teaser concerning Un-carrier 7, which reads, “Who’s ready for #uncarrier7 later this summer?! #notthecompetition #wewontstop.”

It remains to be seen as to what Un-carrier 7 will bring along with it, so hopefully additional details will be revealed in due time. Then again, summer is about to end not too far away, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that something substantial will be in the pipeline in due time.

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