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HTC Desire HD at FCC?

The HTC Desire HD that’s been available in Europe and Asia for some time now finally looks like it’s headed our way. According to a recent filing at the FCC, a HTC device model bearing the number PD98120 has paid a visit and it supports WCDMA bands II and V, making it compatible with AT&T, Bell, Telus and Rogers. What makes it a Desire HD? Well the fact that the original European Desire HD has the model number PD98100 which is pretty close to the device found at the FCC, which makes it safe to say that it’s the American variant of the device. Looks like AT&T is taking some steps to beef up their Android phone collection with this 4.3″ monster. Let’s hope it ships with Gingerbread (Android 2.3) when it arrives.

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