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Dell StreakGood things come to those who wait. That should be the tagline for the newly priced Dell Streaks that have their prices slashed by $180. If you’ve been holding out all this while to get your hands on Dell’s 5″ Android smartphone, talk about a blessing in disguise. It’s uncertain why there was a drop in price especially since the device has only been on the market for about 4 months (possibly bad sales?) or it could be Dell’s way of clearing its stocks in time for a new phone to take its place. Either way, the cheaper Dell Streak phones will now cost $400 unlocked, while those on AT&T will still cost $550 (16GB) and $650 (32GB). If you’ve been waiting for one, now sounds like the right time. Take note though, the phones will only ship in January, so expect to wait for awhile. Does the price cut make you want to buy one of these Android phones?

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