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Video recording on a phone

According to a recent survey done by Pew Internet, it appears that the video capability of a phone is the new standard for smartphones- in both recording and viewing. Results of the survey show that 34% of users this year now use their handsets for recording videos as opposed to 19% from the last year- with the advent of HD video recording in a lot of phones, it’s not hard to see why. Phones have gotten so much better at recording compared to phones of the yesteryear, and that probably played a big role to the increase in the percentage. Plus with phones sporting DLNA or a HDMI output, using a phone to decode HD videos to watch on the TV is also becoming a norm. As for viewing, 20% of people use their phones to view videos- compared to the question not even being asked last year. These results probably explain the trend with bigger, better screens and constant improvements made to the phone’s video recording capabilities (1080p recording should be the norm pretty soon). How important is video recording/viewing on your phone?

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