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Verizon V Cast Apps

Verizon’s app store, V Cast Apps, has been touted to feature a few hundred apps at launch. Their official app store that is meant to complement the Android Market will be available very soon. Verizon will be selling their own official apps on the store as well as apps which have been submitted to them from developers. Expect to see a lot of apps which are already available on the Android Market. Though the addition of a new app store seems a bit redundant, it also means that developers will now be submitting their apps to two different stores each time they introduce a new app or update. This makes you wonder why developers would choose V Cast Apps instead of Android Market since V Cast Apps is only catered to Verizon customers (and it can’t be uninstalled from the devices it’s featured on.. without rooting). V Cast Apps does have one advantage over the Android Market though- apps can be purchased from the store using carrier billing. This opens up V Cast Apps to a whole lot more users who previously couldn’t purchase apps from the Android Market without a credit card. With V Cast Apps appearing on the Droid Incredible next week, we’ll be able to tell how many apps there really are. Do you think V Cast Apps will be a success for Verizon?

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